Winter 2020/2021 semester will be a hybrid semester

More in-person events, especially for the introductory and conclusion phases, for laboratory work, rehearsals and discourse In-person operations at Hessian Universities will be extended with caution during the Winter 2020/2021 […]

Geosciences: Exact climate data from the past

Corals and cave carbonates are important archives of past climate. This is because the composition of these carbonate deposits can reveal the temperatures that prevailed at the Earth’s surface at […]

Atomic physics: radiation pressure with recoil

Light exerts a certain amount of pressure onto a body: sun sails could thus power space probes in the future. However, when light particles (photons) hit an individual molecule and […]

BLUESKY scrutinizes the lockdown-altered atmosphere

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only affecting almost every aspect of our daily lives, but also the environment. A German team including atmosphere researchers around Prof. Joachim Curtius (Goethe University […]

Goethe Corona Fund: robot donated for Sars-CoV2 research

Goethe University and University Hospital Frankfurt donation barometer increases to 1.35 million euros – smallest individual donation of 2 cents from “payback points” FRANKFURT. Numerous larger and smaller individual donations […]

Update from the corona crisis team

Update: 23 March 2020, 7:30 p.m. Dear University Members,Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, On 22 March, the federal and state governments together decreed further measures (e.g., contact ban) restricting public life […]

Pain in a well-toned body

They are young and well-trained – but a fourth of sport science students suffers from pain in combination with psychosocial stresses. This was revealed in a study that originated at […]

Update from the corona crisis team

Dear Goethe Community Members,Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, For weeks now at Goethe University, we are no longer in “normal operation”, nor are we in “core operation”. Normal university life has […]

Urgent call for donations to Goethe-Corona Fund

Goethe University and University Hospital Frankfurt ask for funding for research, equipment and patient care At least five million euros – this is the sum that Goethe University and the […]

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