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Sinophone Classicism: Chinese Cultural Memories in a Global Space

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2022, 18:00

In recent years, literary and cultural works that evoke the cultural memories of classical Chinese traditions are gaining popularity in the global Sinitic-languages space and cyberspace. From literary to visual culture, from pop music to fashion, from state policies to daily rituals, these classicist articulations present Chineseness as complicated, multifaceted, multilingual, and cross-cultural. They raise important questions on the relevance of Chinese traditions today to China, to global Chinese communities, and to a future of “world literature”— as Goethe envisioned it nearly two centuries ago. In this multiannual lecture series, prominent scholars, writers, and artists will present fascinating case studies from their research or draw upon their aesthetic practices to elaborate on their understanding on these important questions. Such investigations demonstrate the abundant aesthetic and intellectual resources that the vast repertoire of Chinese cultural memories may provide to engage in a dialogue on the present and future of a global culture.

Termine im Überblick

28. April 2022
18:00 Uhr | online
Paize Keulemans
Associate Professor of East Asian Studies, Princeton University
Romance of the Three Kingdoms as Early Modern Text and Contemporary Video Game
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19. Mai 2022
16:00 Uhr | online
Chieh-Ting Hsieh
Assistant Professor for Dance and Music Studies, National Chengchi University
The Body that Counts: On the Digital Techniques of the Chinese Modern Dance
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9. Juni 2022
18:00 Uhr | hybrid
Rossella Ferrari
Professor of China Studies, University of Vienna
Xiqu 2.0: Deconstructing Chinese Classical Theatres in Digital Times
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6. Juli 2022
18:00 Uhr | hybrid
Michelle Yeh
Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis
Classicist Television Drama in Digital Times
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