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Why some tumors are resistant to cell therapies

LOEWE, the federal state of Hesse’s research promotion program for the development of scientific and economic excellence, is providing €4.8 million in funding for a new research network spearheaded by

The dwindling influence of “American theory”

American postdoc Gregory Jones-Katz, currently a member of the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften – Institute for Advanced Studies, investigates the history of American philosophy and cultural studies from the 1960s to the

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Download it now: The New Goethe Uni App 2.0

Dear Students, Now you can organize your everyday university life even more easily and conveniently: With the new Goethe University App 2.0, you can, for example, directly access your course

The Powerlessness of the Working Class in the 21st Century

British political scientist Cain Shelley is a fellow at Goethe University’s Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften Institute for Advanced Studies working on „A Class For Itself?: The Future of Class Politics.“ Nowadays, the

Encounters with police violence

The KviAPol research project deals with “Police Use of Excessive Force”. UniReport: Ms. Abdul-Rahman, Professor Singelnstein, the Black Lives Matter movement in the US in particular likely roused people throughout

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