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Expertise for SCALE

Volker Zickermann and Eric Helfrich are part of the excellence cluster initiative SCALE (Subcellular Architecture of Life). Whereas the former

Making forests fit for the future

Jasmin Thal’s Master’s thesis makes an important contribution to aquatic ecology. The environmental scientist produced a guide on how to

Snapshots from inside the cell: SCALE

Biophysicist Achilleas Frangakis uses cryo-electron tomography to study the inner life of dangerous bacteria. Acinetobacter baumannii is the name of

The architecture of life

Goethe University Frankfurt is applying for the upcoming round of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments

Cellular Architectures: SCALE

The name of the cluster initiative SCALE stands for „SubCellular Architecture of LifE“. The project is entering the German federal

Infection and inflammation: EMTHERA

Developing new therapeutic approaches for complex diseases: The EMTHERA initiative is applying to become a Cluster of Excellence. The so-called

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