2022/23 winter semester begins

6,500 first-years start their studies at Goethe University / President Enrico Schleiff, Frankfurt City Treasurer Bastian Bergerhoff and student union welcome students at UNISTART fair

The 2022/23 winter semester began on October 13, 2022. The UNISTART fair, held once again as a large attendance event at the Westend Campus’ auditorium center, offered the 6,500 first-year students a rich program to ensure their entry into this new phase of life is a success. At the fair, central institutions of Goethe University, student initiatives and university groups introduced themselves to the “newbies”, who were warmly welcomed by University President Prof. Enrico Schleiff, Frankfurt’s City Treasurer and Head of Human Resources Dr. Bastian Bergerhoff, and General Students’ Committee (AStA) representatives Bleta Berisha and Tjark-Hagen Kandulski.

„I am very happy that you have decided to study at our Goethe University. On behalf of the Executive Board, I wish you all the best for the upcoming winter semester,“ Schleiff said in his welcoming speech. There are many new things to discover, he added, from lecture halls to seminar rooms, laboratories, cafeterias to numerous student-organized meetings. Schleiff encouraged the students to take advantage of Goethe University’s wide range of opportunities to think outside the box, beyond their own subject, and to engage in interdisciplinary or even transdisciplinary work. He also pointed out the importance of participating in the student council, the student parliament, AStA or the University Senate to help shape the university. Schleiff assured the students that irrespective of the energy price crisis and the ongoing Corona pandemic, the winter semester will take place as planned: „As things stand, this semester will be conducted in regular attendance and we are doing our utmost to keep it that way. All of us are called upon to make this work, whether by saving energy or by showing consideration for others, for example by wearing masks in closed rooms.“

In his welcome address to the students, Frankfurt’s City Treasurer and Head of Human Resources, Dr. Bastian Bergerhoff, said: „I would like to congratulate you on starting your studies here at our Goethe University. It is here where you can learn everything you need for a successful professional life and for lifelong learning. You will study in one of the most attractive metropolises, boasting a high quality of living and a wide array of cultural, natural, educational and leisure offers, complete with city life and green spaces, sports and shopping opportunities, interesting architecture and historical significance. In short, you are studying in a city that offers everything you could wish for. I encourage you to get to know Frankfurt and find out just how livable and lovable the city is. At the same time, you should make use of your rights as a citizen. Take part in social life. Be committed and hardworking, motivated and disciplined, fair and open-minded. And – most important of all – have fun in everything you do.“

Some 6,500 first-year students have enrolled for the 2022/23 winter semester at Goethe University. Particularly popular, once again, are the subjects of law, economics, psychology, pharmaceutics and computer science.

Photos: Isabelle Hammerschmiedt

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