The dwindling influence of “American theory”

American postdoc Gregory Jones-Katz, currently a member of the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften – Institute for Advanced Studies, investigates the history of American philosophy and cultural studies from the 1960s to the

“The door to the university”

Art historian and curator Ina Neddermeyer will take over as director of Museum Giersch of Goethe University (MGGU) in January 2024 UniReport: Ms. Neddermeyer, after having studied art history, politics

Interdisciplinary research on “Dormancy”

Together, mathematician Jochen Blath and US-American biologist Jay T. Lennon are investigating something known as “dormancy” in living organisms. Thanks to a Humboldt Research Award, Lennon is now spending six

The constitution has to be interpreted

Lawyer Samira Akbarian’s thesis on the highly topical subject of “civil disobedience” won her the 2023 Werner Pünder Prize. UniReport: Dr. Akbarian, your thesis bears the title “Civil disobedience as

A chemist bids farewell, a physicist says hello

Passing on the baton: Dr. Ulrich Breuer succeeds Dr. Albrecht Fester as Head of Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt. In an exclusive interview with UniReport, both men talk about their

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