Putting Hitler research on a new footing

German Research Foundation-funded project “Collection of Adolf Hitler’s Speeches, 1933-1945”, headed by Professor Christopher Cornelißen, to publish new edition of Hitler’s post-1933 speeches His piercing voice is unmistakable, it is

The unreconciled theorist

Philipp Felsch’s book Der Philosoph: Habermas und wir, discusses contemporary and intellectual history and its relation to the work of a great Frankfurt philosopher. A review by Felix Kämper In

Double barrier to antibiotics

Two scientists at Goethe University Frankfurt are seeking weaknesses in sophisticated bacterial defense systems. Their goal: Find new approaches to combat bacterial infections – something they will also be focusing

From clinical cardiology to the lab and back

Promoting young researchers at the Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI) excellence cluster: Julian Leberzammer, a young medical doctor supervised by Prof. Andreas Zeiher and Prof. Stefanie Dimmeler, examines how macrophages respond to systemic inflammation.

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