Two huge subjects, one library

Time and space for the two vast subjects of Law and Economics – that is what the Law and Economics Library, known as the BRuW (the abbreviation of its German

Goethe University Open Access Publication Fund

Open Access (OA) refers to free access to scientific publications for all interested parties worldwide. OA ensures that research results, most of which are financed with public funds, can be

Who am I, and, if so, with whom am I affiliated?

There are many advantages to being able to clearly assign scientific publications to their authors and their respective institutions. The number and type of publications is an important criterion both

The University Library as a place of continuous evolution

Johann Christian Senckenberg University Library Director Daniela Poth talks about the institution’s ongoing strategic transformation process. UniReport: Ms Poth, digitization is not a new catchword at the UB [University Library].

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