Corona: Information from the president on Goethe University policies

Issued: 16 March 2020, 14.35 p.m.

Dear Goethe University Members,
To do its part in limiting the spread of the coronavirus, Goethe University will switch to a different mode beginning today. We will avoid all face-to-face events until 20th April, using instead – as far as possible – digital forms of interaction and teaching. Goethe University is meeting this challenge hand in hand with others. We are in constant dialogue with the other Hessian universities, the state government and the health authorities. You can find all important Goethe University notifications on our website at the following link ( This information is continually updated as the situation changes. Please consult this page to gather the information that applies to you personally, your studies, your research and teaching, or your work. An additional regulation regarding the conducting of exams will soon be made in coordination with the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts.
If you have questions or wish to inform us of something, please use the contact addresses listed on this website ( for employees’ work related questions; for questions relating to study). I would like to use this occasion to say thank you: For some time now, many people have been contributing very concretely to researching the virus, its treatment and care of the sick, and to maintaining the necessary infrastructure, the operation of the university in a new mode of interaction with heightened hygienic requirements and without the usual face-to-face formats. Doctors, caregivers, and the entire hospital staff work with great commitment. Our colleagues at the University Computing Centre (HRZ), in the student and examination administration, and in occupational safety carry great responsibility. All administrative employees are contributing responsibly in their area of work to manage this situation.
“Flatten the curve“ is the recommendation of the scientific experts for the coming weeks and months. With the measures listed on the website, we are all contributing toward this end. This is a big challenge for a university with more than 50,000 members, and it involves restrictions as well as demanding maximum flexibility from all of us. With all of your help – students, scientists, administrative employees – we will develop creative and above all digital options that will support you as much as possible. This may take time in some cases, and we will not be able to fulfil or compensate every need. I therefore ask you for patience, understanding and above all for your cooperation. Please do not fall for rumours or fake news: many irresponsible posts are currently circulating in the virtual world. Please use our information addresses.
I am grateful to everyone who is working cooperatively and responsibly to “flatten the curve” and whose personal behaviour contributes to this goal. We are in an unfamiliar situation that we must – and can – manage together. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and all you care about good health!
Best regards,
Birgitta Wolff

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