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Change at the top of the House of Finance

After 14 years as chairman of the House of Finance’s (HoF) Board of Trustees, Otmar Issing will be retiring at the end of this year. He will be succeeded by

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University-wide Student Survey 2022

As of now, Goethe University students can once again share their perspectives with university management and departments and participate in the university-wide student survey 2022! Prof. Dr. Christiane Thompson, vice

We have no time to lose!

Many people the world over are looking at Egypt and the World Climate Summit with both great concern and hope. In view of the increase in global warming witnessed over

Bacteria for climate protection

Hydrogen storage suitable for everyday use and the prospect of breaking down carbon dioxide The discovery was almost too good to be true: In 2013, members of the research group

What does Europe mean for Zionism?

The latest lecture series introduced at Goethe University – the “Buber-Rosenzweig Lecture on Jewish Intellectual History and Philosophy” – focuses on topics related to Jewish thought in both the past