A chemist bids farewell, a physicist says hello

Passing on the baton: Dr. Ulrich Breuer succeeds Dr. Albrecht Fester as Head of Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt. In an exclusive interview with UniReport, both men talk about their

A Global Approach to University Collections

Goethe University is testing ways of making collections from Africa more accessible around the globe. Discussions on how to deal with scientific collections from colonial contexts began in earnest in

Third-party funding at an all-time high

Goethe University raises around 233 million euros in additional funding / Increase in international fundraising particularly high Goethe University increased its third-party funding by 17 percent in 2022. EU-funded projects

Two huge subjects, one library

Time and space for the two vast subjects of Law and Economics – that is what the Law and Economics Library, known as the BRuW (the abbreviation of its German

Goethe University Open Access Publication Fund

Open Access (OA) refers to free access to scientific publications for all interested parties worldwide. OA ensures that research results, most of which are financed with public funds, can be

Who am I, and, if so, with whom am I affiliated?

There are many advantages to being able to clearly assign scientific publications to their authors and their respective institutions. The number and type of publications is an important criterion both

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