Cardiac research meets AI

Modern methods in artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly important in science. As part of Goethe University Frankfurt’s “citizens’ university” activities, offering insights into scientific practice, Professor Eike Nagel recently

A good university sport

The team from the University Sports Center [Zentrum für Hochschulsport, ZfH] has once again put together an interesting and varied program for this summer semester. In addition to traditional activities

Can the winner of EURO 24 be predicted mathematically?

Matthias Ludwig, professor of mathematics education, wants to arouse schoolchildren’s interest in calculating probabilities. The tool offers a playful way of delving into the fascinating world of statistics –

In Brief

On a path of differentiation

Wolfgang Meseth talks about the lecture series “Diversity and Discourse / Antisemitism. Culture of Remembrance. Democracy. / How (un-)political is the University?”, organized in cooperation

Making forests fit for the future

Jasmin Thal’s Master’s thesis makes an important contribution to aquatic ecology. The environmental scientist produced a guide on how to retain water in forests, which

On a writer and his body

Aris Fioretos is this year’s Frankfurt poetics lecturer. The solar plexus is a complex network of radiating nerve fibers located between the stomach and the

How doctoral candidates experience crises

New results from the nationwide Nacaps survey of doctoral candidates Since 2017, the German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) has conducted

Student Polyclinic: 10 years and counting

On June 3, Goethe University Frankfurt’s Student Polyclinic, part of the Frankfurt Health Department, marked its tenth anniversary. Among the multiple benefits and services offered

Did warmer seas lead to methane release?

Under the ocean floor, there are huge deposits of methane hydrate. The compound is unstable and can release the climate killer methane under certain conditions

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