Neurobiology: How bats distinguish different sounds

Bats live in a world of sounds. They use vocalizations both to communicate with their conspecifics and for navigation. For the latter, they emit sounds in the ultrasonic range, which echo and enable them to create an “image” of their

Myanmar’s path out of dictatorship

Largely unnoticed by the international community, in the past three years different ethnic groups in Myanmar have been fighting together against military rule in the Southeast Asian country. On February

In Brief

Ticket to Harvard and back

At the tender age of 23, medical student Diana Munteh already has several different strings to her academic bow. She recently returned from a three-month

“The door to the university”

Art historian and curator Ina Neddermeyer will take over as director of Museum Giersch of Goethe University (MGGU) in January 2024 UniReport: Ms. Neddermeyer, after

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