The Ethics of Protest

A discussion evening held in late June at Goethe University Frankfurt’s Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften Institute for Advanced Studies took a philosophical look at the pro-democracy protests

Tense struggles for the best arguments

Each year, scientists from countries other than Germany have the chance to receive the Humboldt Research Award, which recognizes their entire academic record to date.

The constitution has to be interpreted

Lawyer Samira Akbarian’s thesis on the highly topical subject of “civil disobedience” won her the 2023 Werner Pünder Prize. UniReport: Dr. Akbarian, your thesis bears

Trust in Conflict: CONTRUST

How dissonance in conflict can dissolve into trust: The ConTrust cluster project explores where such potential can be found, even in hard conflicts. How will

Cellular Architectures: SCALE

The name of the cluster initiative SCALE stands for “SubCellular Architecture of LifE”. The project is entering the German federal and state governments’ Excellence Strategy

Infection and inflammation: EMTHERA

Developing new therapeutic approaches for complex diseases: The EMTHERA initiative is applying to become a Cluster of Excellence. The so-called cytokine storm was particularly feared

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