Climate change and groundwater

In March 2023, the United Nations convened its first Water Conference in 46 years. There is a dire need for action: as a result of climate change, water is threatening

Cause of leukaemia in trisomy 21

People with a third copy of chromosome 21, known as trisomy 21, are at high risk of developing Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), an aggressive form of blood cancer. Scientists led

Pathway to improved cancer treatment

Conventional chemotherapy often does not elicit sufficient response in the treatment of bowel cancer. Researchers in Frankfurt recently found that one reason for this is that the dying cancer cells

Meteorite crater discovered in French winery

With the aim of creating an appealing brand, the name of the “Domaine du Météore” winery near the town of Béziers in Southern France points to a local peculiarity: one

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