Coronavirus: Currently no tightening of protective measures at Goethe University

Following this week’s decisions by the German government for further measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Goethe University’s existing protective measures do not need to be further tightened for the time being. Since the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts has not made a new assessment of the situation, all processes and courses with a need for attendance already approved and which have been prepared with appropriately coordinated concepts can take place from 11 January 2021 at Goethe University as planned in December 2020. This also includes the opening of the libraries.

However, the Executive Board calls for courses to be re-examined regarding the necessity of presence. Events should be conducted digitally with the exception of laboratory activities, internships, practical and artistic educational sections and those comparable in a narrower sense, as well as examinations and exams. Should the coronavirus situation change for Frankfurt, Goethe University will immediately adapt its protection concept.

As parents are currently being asked again to look after their children at home if possible due to daycare and school closures, Goethe University would like to point out once again the framework conditions for the compatibility of work and family that have been agreed and continue to apply for the university during the coronavirus crisis. 

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