Early Career Researcher Survey launched

In December 2020, Goethe University conducted the first university-wide survey of early career researchers. 

The survey targets advanced qualifying researchers, specifically recognized (R2) and established (R3) researchers, according to the definition of the European Framework for Research Careers (2011). This target group was asked to evaluate general conditions as well as their job situation and career prospects.  

Qualifying researchers make important contributions to research and teaching at Goethe University. Simultaneously, they are working towards their next professional goals or milestones in their own careers. The Research Strategy Department (Abteilung Forschung und Nachwuchs, FuN) is conducting this survey at Goethe University on behalf of the Executive Board to support these researchers, foster their work in the best possible way and offer them favorable working conditions. The results serve as a basis for developing concepts and policies in the area of university strategy (also at the state and federal levels), support for young researchers and quality assurance.

Goethe University invited Early Career Researchers by email to participate in the survey. If you did not receive an invitation and consider yourself part of one of the groups listed below, you can request the access link at the following email address:  ECR@uni-frankfurt.de

Target groups of the survey: 

Doctoral researchers in the early stages of their careers, postdocs or postdoctoral research assistants, postdoctoral fellows, Emmy Noether fellows, Heisenberg fellows, private lecturers, junior research group leaders or (internal and external) habilitation candidates.

Professors who hold a(n) (initially) temporary professorship, such as junior or associate professorship, Emmy Noether professorship, Heisenberg professorship, temporary endowed professorship or tenure-track professorship prior to permanent appointment.

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