Return to hybrid teaching again possible starting 12th May

Beginning in the 18th calendar week, the incidence of coronavirus cases in Frankfurt was less than 165 on five consecutive work days – the upper threshold value at which the Infection Protection Ordinance mandates the enforcement of particular nationwide protective measures. According to the ordinance, in this case, a loosening of certain measures can be announced on the sixth work day that will go into effect on the seventh day, 12 May.

As already announced by the university crisis team for the 18th calendar week, Goethe University can also return to hybrid teaching beginning on 12 May. We therefore request that the necessary steps be taken. Please note that all current standards and measures for infection protection, and the current distance regulations and testing regime must continue to be strictly observed. We will keep you informed in a timely manner about any possible future steps – in particular in the event of a further change in the infection situation beyond the legally defined threshold values with consequences for teaching and research.

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