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Download it now: The New Goethe Uni App 2.0

Dear Students, Now you can organize your everyday university life even more easily and conveniently: With the new Goethe University App 2.0, you can, for example, directly access your course

Encounters with police violence

The KviAPol research project deals with “Police Use of Excessive Force”. UniReport: Ms. Abdul-Rahman, Professor Singelnstein, the Black Lives Matter movement in the US in particular likely roused people throughout

Fusion: No quick solution to the climate crisis

Possible future supply for urban centres Scientists from the US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) announced that they have succeeded for the first time in igniting a “solar fire in

Digitization in the Natural Sciences Library

When it comes to scientific information, digital does it – although the printed word remains popular, too. Digitization is well advanced in the natural sciences: researchers can usually access journals

The Ukraine war and its psychological consequences

In view of the current influx of refugees from Ukraine, Goethe University’s Psychosocial Counselling Center for Refugees, headed by Professor Ulrich Stangier, is looking at the psychological consequences of migration

Research in and high above the Amazon rainforest

The go-ahead has been given for the German-Brazilian research project CAFE-Brazil (Chemistry of the Atmosphere: Field Experiment in Brazil). Since yesterday, an international research team under the leadership of the

University-wide Student Survey 2022

As of now, Goethe University students can once again share their perspectives with university management and departments and participate in the university-wide student survey 2022! Prof. Dr. Christiane Thompson, vice

We have no time to lose!

Many people the world over are looking at Egypt and the World Climate Summit with both great concern and hope. In view of the increase in global warming witnessed over

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