Starting scholarships for international doctoral candidates

The Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers (GRADE) awards 15 starting scholarships for international doctoral candidates at Goethe University. The scholarships are funded by the Franz Adickes Stiftungsfonds. They are open for international doctoral candidates right at the start and in the early phase of their doctoral project at the university.

International doctoral candidates face special challenges at the start of their doctorate in Frankfurt, namely considerable costs for mobility, furnishing an apartment, fees at public authorities etc. The scholarships are intended to facilitate the start of the doctoral project and to provide funding for the first few months in Frankfurt. The scholarship amounts to 1350 € per month for a period of three months. Only persons with a non-German degree and non-German citizenship in the first 12 months of their doctoral project can apply. Grantees of a starting scholarship cannot have substantial employment or another scholarship during the period of the starting scholarship. Please take note of the additional information on the eligibility criteria in the FAQ.

Further information and application:

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