Photo competition: For the sixth time the Goethe Welcome Centre shows pictures of Germany by international researchers

For the sixth time, the Goethe Welcome Centre (GWC) invited international researchers and doctoral students to participate in a photo competition at Goethe University last October. Under the motto “Germany the way I see it: Hidden Beauty”, they were invited to submit photographs that reflect their very personal view of Germany.

A jury consisting of professorial members, the head of the Global Office and employees of the Goethe Welcome Centre awarded prizes to the three best entries from 30 submissions by 10 participants. Since for the second time the traditional award ceremony and opening of the photo exhibition in the Bauleitgebäude on Westend Campus could not take place due to the pandemic, the ceremony was moved to the internet. Thus, the three prize winners* were announced online last Tuesday 07.12.2021 in the presence of the jury.

This year’s winners are: Dr. Shweta Singh, (1st place) from India from the Institute of Atmosphere and Environment (Faculty 11), Ms. Shilanjani Bhattacharyya, (2nd place) also from India from the Frobenius Institute (Faculty 03) and Ms. Mahsa Shabani, (3rd place) from Iran from the American Studies Department (Faculty 10).

The award-winning photos will be exhibited in the hallway of Bauleitgebäude (Westend Campus) in front of the GWC offices.

Dr. Shweta Singh, 1st place
Ms. Shilanjani Bhattacharyya, 2nd place
Ms. Mahsa Shabani, 3rd place 

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