State of Hessen provides about € 30 million in funding for new buildings at Riedberg Campus

Minister of Higher Education, Research and the Arts Boris Rhein (r.), award winner Jörn Schulz (from left) from Auer Weber, President Birgitta Wolff, architect and member of the jury Nicole Kerstin Berganski and Director of the State Operations for Building and Property Thomas Platte present the winning design for the new building. Credit:

Riedberg Campus continues to grow. Hessian Minister of Higher Education, Research and the Arts Boris Rhein and Professor Birgitta Wolff, Goethe University President, together presented the winner of the architect competition for a new building to house the faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics. The total cost of € 52.4 million will be divided between the State of Hessen, which will assume about € 30.6 million, and Goethe University, which will provide approximately € 21.7 million. The faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics is one of the last institutions still located at the Bockenheim Campus.

The new building will provide 7,700 square metres of space to be utilized as modern institution space for classrooms and learning centres, space for administration, student rooms, and central server rooms for the faculty and the university computer centre.

Recipient of the first prize and winner of the architect competition is Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH Architekten BDA from Stuttgart. The architects propose two multi-level buildings, set slightly askew to each other along the Riedbergallee. The jury praised the fact that the planned buildings convincingly integrate campus development with the neighbouring buildings belonging to the Max-Planck Institute and the Otto-Stern Centre, so that they no longer appear isolated. In addition, the ground floor with its mirrored foyers and many corridors offers numerous common areas.

Winning design for the faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics. Credit:

Goethe University President Birgitta Wolff says: “The STEM fields continue to grow in popularity at Goethe University. Within six years, student growth in mathematics and computer science was well over 50 percent. The new building is coming at just the right time.”

Two third-place prizes were also awarded to Bez + Koch Architekten from Stuttgart and ATTELIER 30 Architekten Kassel. Furthermore, submissions from Hascher Jehle Design in Berlin and SCHENKER SALVI WEBER ARCHITEKTEN in Vienna were also recognized.

Minister Boris Rhein concludes: “The successful completion of this competition marks another significant step Goethe University’s relocation. I wish everyone involved speedy progress for the continued planning.”

A public exhibition of all submissions to the competition can be viewed in the lobby of the PA building on the Westend Campus weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm from 17 December 2018 through Friday 11th January 2019.

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After January 11th, the exhibition will travel from Westend Campus to Bockenheim Campus  The plans of the five award winners can be viewed in the foyer of the New Cafeteria/Social Centre from Monday 14 January 2019 through Friday 25 January 2019. Finally, the exhibit will be shown at Riedberg Campus.


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