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The team from the University Sports Center [Zentrum für Hochschulsport, ZfH] has once again put together an interesting and varied program for this summer semester. In addition to traditional activities like soccer and volleyball, the offer also includes some trending sports and more exotic disciplines. Anyone interested in joining can still do so. Below is a brief overview of some of the courses on offer.

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) has been gaining in popularity for several years now. Paddling on the Main River that passes through Frankfurt has become a popular activity, allowing paddlers to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city’s famous skyline. ZfH offers a one-day taster course in which qualified instructors give participants a step-by-step introduction to the required technique. Please note that course participants need to be able to swim. The Sports Center also offers advanced courses as well as special SUP yoga courses, for which no previous yoga or SUP experience is required.

Footmesa and Footvolley are two sports activities that incorporate elements from other games and are becoming increasingly popular. Footmesa combines aspects from soccer, volleyball, roundnet and headis. During an attack, the ball is played onto a table, which it may touch only once. If the ball misses the table or touches it more than once, then the opposing team scores a point. Each team is allowed a maximum of three contacts with the ball before playing it onto the table again, whereby the same player may not touch the ball twice in succession. By contrast, footvolley is a cross between beach volleyball and soccer. Invented on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, this new sports activity with relatively long and spectacular rallies today is played all over the world. In addition to a sound technique, players need good coordination and body control, since the game takes place on sand. The ZfH course covers all basic techniques and skills required to play the game.

In addition to being great fun, calisthenics combines aesthetics, functional strength and body control. There’s an exercise for each fitness level, and anybody can learn the sport and practice it anywhere, anytime. The focus is either on improving performance in another sport, better muscle definition, or preventing injuries or post-injury rehabilitation.

HYROX is the first sport to unite three different training methods in a single unique activity. The combination of functional strength training, high intensity interval training and classical endurance training makes HYROX not only unique, but also measurable. Professionals and amateurs alike can ultimately reach their personal physical limits, which is why the beginners’ and advanced courses differ only in terms of prior experience, whereby the beginners’ course covers the basic techniques, which are combined in each unit to form a functional workout. Beginners and advanced learners are equally welcome.

Anyone looking for dancing courses is spoilt for choice, with a wide range of offers ranging from intermediate Bachata and belly dancing to ballroom dancing, hip-hop and K-pop, all the way to Latin, modern dance, salsa and zouk.

“Canne de Combat” is probably one of the more exotic activities. This French stick fighting offers almost unlimited possibilities for developing one’s own style, and focuses on the interaction with the partner. After introducing basic techniques and establishing a physical foundation, the course then focuses on pirouettes, advanced striking techniques and jumps.

The course titled “Discover Frankfurt” focuses less on training and more on getting to know the city: What does Germany’s fifth largest metropolis offer in terms of culture and food, for instance? An offer designed for those who want to delve deeper into its fascinating urbanity and discover places that have nothing to do with the clichés of banks and trade fairs.

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