International workshop on 3-4 December 2020: Interpreting the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is the era of pervasive human impact on the planet. Atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane concentrations that exceed Holocene peak levels, techno-fossils frozen in Greenland ice sheets, and massive species extinction are all indications of planetary boundaries that have come under stress due to human industrial, commercial, and agricultural activity. Humanity’s relationship to its environment is changing. Lagging behind that change is serious reflection on how best to understand and direct it.

This conference aims to discuss various facets of the Anthropocene, including the usefulness of the concept and its relation to nature, but also questions of responsibility and the role of progress and hope. We will bring together theorists working at the intersection of moral, political, social, and environmental theory/philosophy.

View the full schedule here.

The workshop is organized by the Lehrstuhl für Internationale Politische Theorie, Research Centre “Normative Orders”

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