University President Schleiff: Priority continues to be given to face-to-face teaching

University President Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff has two pieces of good news for students, teachers and staff in view of the rising incidence of corona: Together with the university’s occupational medicine department, a university vaccination programme is currently being established at full speed and is scheduled to start in the second week of December. As soon as the exact dates are known, the university public will be informed in detail.

Schleiff said: “The highest possible vaccination quota is the only chance for us to permanently get out of the Corona crisis with its ever more severe waves of infection! With regard to the situation of students the university president also strongly advocates the continuation of face-to-face teaching: “Despite sharply rising Corona incidences, Goethe University has a safe implementation concept that effectively prevents new infections as a rule (…) The guiding principle for our decision in favour of face-to-face teaching is also the decision by politicians to exempt university and school teaching from lockdown measures for as long as possible compared to other areas of social life.”

Schleiff also appealed to teachers not to slacken in their efforts to achieve at least 50 per cent teaching in attendance.

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